Secure Data Recovery Services South Ozone Park NYC

Secure Data Recovery Services South Ozone Park NYC

If you you are looking for secure and affordable data recovery services technician or company in the South Ozone Park 11420 area in Queens, NYC you’ve found the right person. Customers come to me from all other nearby local areas including Richmond Hill, Jamaica, Howard Beach, the Rockaways [Beach Channel] e.t.c and even from as far as Staten Island, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Long Island.

You can count on me provide the best hard drive data recovery service even if your hard drive has experienced water damage, heat damage and serious crashes. I always offer free diagnosis of computer problems, and if your data should not be recoverable, you won’t be charged one cent! If I can recover your data, you can count on my pricing for data recovery prices in NYC to always be fair and affordable.

Please note that Hard drive data recovery cost is based on the amount of data to be retrieved. Also not even if you get the best hard disk repair software available guarantees that alone will recover your data as sometimes different data recovery tools or methods is needed. Sorry I don’t do phone data recovery.

Data Recovery Services for MAC and PCs

I am an experienced data recovery technician in NYC. I can extract data from Desktop PC’s, MAC, laptop and external hard drives. I also do USB Flash Drives and SD cards data recovery. With my services, you will be able to get your important files back under most circumstances. I also specialize in:

Virus, Adware, Spyware, Pop-Ups and Malware Removal

hard drive replacement [***Depending on model]

Windows 7, 8 and 10 repair, upgrade or reinstall

Mac OSX repair, upgrade and reinstall for all Apple supported Operating Systems [Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra and the latest High Sierra]

Signs Your Computer Needs a Data Recovery Technician in NYC

Your Hard Drive Clicks When You Boot Your Computer

You Can See Surface Damage to Your Hard Drive

The File System on Your Hard Drive Is Corrupted

You Have Files You Cannot Access

Your External HD Turns on But You Can’t See the Files or Access Them

If I cannot get the data off your PC, MAC or laptop hard drive will you be charged?

If I cannot extract the data from your damaged hard drive with specialized data recovery software and data recovery tool, you will not be charged for the services. That is my guarantee to you No Data No Fee!

Can I extract the files if they have been accidentally deleted?

There is a good chance I can recover your accidentally deleted files. When you delete a file from your hard drive, it is not lost. Instead, the reference points for that data are deleted, and it is eventually overwritten. A lot of times, I can extract the deleted data with an advanced data recovery tool.

Is there ever a reason I would not try to extract the data from your hard drive?

If your hard drive has been affected by ransomware, it is unlikely I will be able to help you. Ransomware is a type of highly malicious virus that locks all of your data and does not release it until you pay the hacker a certain amount of money. If you suspect you have ransomware on your computer, you should call me first at 718-219-9733.

Is there anything I can do to protect myself against data loss from a damaged or crashed hard drive?

Yes. The number one thing you can do to protect your data from being lost due to a damaged or crashed hard drive is to back it up. You can backup your files to CDs, USB, a cloud storage system, like OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive, or an external hard drive. I recommend that you utilize more than one backup system. For example, if you use a backup external hard drive, you may also want to consider storing your most important files in the cloud.

What is the data recovery services cost near me NYC?

I can provide you with an estimate for data recovery services cost near me NYC. To receive a free price quote, you can email, text or call me today at 718-219-9733. I would be happy to talk to you about your data recovery and computer repair needs.

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