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Malwares Removal Services

If you’ve owned a computer for any length of time, you are probably familiar with the terms virus, malware and spyware e.t.c and most likely will need Malware Removal services at some point, but what are they, and how do they affect your computer? Here at All Computer and Internet Services in South Ozone Park, Queens 11420, I want you to not only understand the malicious programs that could affect your computer, I want you to have an avenue for repairing and restoring the functionality of your digital device.

Types of Malicious Programs Commonly Seen on Computers in New York City and Queens

Malicious computer programs, including pop-ups and trojans, can be designed to do anything from making your computer unusable to launching DDOS attacks against other computers, servers and websites.
• Malware – Malware is a catch-all term that refers to any program that is designed to cause harm to your computer or steal your data.
• Adware – Adware loads itself onto your computer and pops up unwanted advertisements.
• Spyware – Spyware is designed to steal information on your computer. Once your machine or mobile device is infected, the program steals your passwords, account information and anything else it deems vital.
• Viruses – Viruses are typically attached to seemingly safe downloads. When you open the infected program, the virus also opens and infects your computer. For this reason, viruses are often called trojans, because they hide inside other programs.

Removing Trojans, Pop-Ups and Spyware from your Windows or MAC Pc’s

Computer virus removal can be as easy as downloading a free or paid subscription virus removal tool, like AVG, Avast, McAfee or Norton, and installing and launching the program. These programs are designed to find known computer threats and delete them or lock them away in a ‘vault’ where they cannot harm your computer.

However, if the free virus protection tool for your MAC or Windows machine doesn’t restore the functionality of your desktop, tablet, phone or laptop computer, you will need the services of a computer technician that specializes in removing, adware, spyware and malware.

Professional Virus Removal from All Computer and Internet Services

When you bring your desktop computer or mobile device into All Computer and Internet Services, serving NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, Bronx and Manhattan, you can expect your data to be backed-up and all the viruses, adware and spyware removed from your computer. I also remove all the unwanted programs associated with the virus and clean up your start menus, browser history and other affected areas.

To have your Windows or MAC cleared of malware, spyware and trojans in NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Long island and the Bronx, call me today at 718-219-9733. I offer 30-day warranties on all out computer virus removal services and boast THE BEST after-service support if ever needed.

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