MAC Virus Removal in NYC

MAC Virus Removal in NYC
In spite of  the popular belief that MAC computers cannot get viruses, they absolutely do. Common MAC viruses include Thunderstrike 2, MAC Defender and mackeeper, but those three viruses do not tell the entire story. MAC computers can also become infected with malware, adware and spyware, which can make you ask the question: Why is my MAC running slow? Here at PC and Net Services in New York City, I recommend that you use a reliable MAC anti-virus program that will periodically scan your computer for infections and stop infections before they negatively impact your computer’s performance.

If you notice your computer is running slower than normal or see an excessive number of pop-ups on your computer screen, you will need professional mac virus removal, like what Mike provides here at All Computer and internet Services for customers in Queens 11420 area and also throughout New York City including, Brooklyn, Bronx, long Island and Manhattan.

Why Is My MAC Running Slow?

While MAC computers get fewer viruses and malicious software attacks than Windows computers, they are still prone to attacks. One of the most common indications that you need Apple MAC repair services is the gradual slowing down of your MAC laptop or desktop. This is because malicious programs have the ability to use vast amounts of your MAC’s processing power and RAM, which results in fewer resources for the programs you want to run.

Signs You Need MAC Virus Removal NYC

  • Computer stalls, freezes or runs slow
  • Pop-ups randomly appear on your computer screen
  • Computer randomly shuts down

Mackeeper Virus Removal and Prevention

One of the most common MAC viruses is the Mackeeper. The Mackeeper virus presents itself as a legitimate MAC program or computer update. You may also see this program advertised on websites as something that will benefit your computer. Unfortunately, once you install this program, it sucks a great amount or resources from your machine, and it can be extremely difficult to completely remove. If you’ve accidentally installed this malicious program, you will need professional mackeeper virus removal services.

Apple MAC Repair Services from All Computer and Internet Services in NYC

Here at All Computer and Internet Services in NYC, owner Mike, can help remove all the viruses, malware and spyware from your MAC computer or laptop. Once the viruses are removed, Mike will make sure that your MAC is running in accordance with its specs. If any links or menu items were harmed by the malware, he will fix the problems and give you one month warranty.

If the viruses and malware are extensive and have already done too much damage to your machine then Mike will wipe your hard drive clean and then do a fresh reinstall of your MAC OSX to get it back to running like normal.

To learn more about MAC Virus Removal in NYC, call Mike today at 718-219-9733.

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