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I am located just outside JFK [Kennedy Airport] on 125 Street at Rockaway Blvd between 133 and 135 avenues but PLEASE NOTE that you will first need to contact me to make an appointment to make sure I will be here when you drop off your pc. The same Blvd as Aqueduct Racetrack and the new Empire Casino. Being close to the Belt Pkwy and the Van Wyck Expressway makes it very easy to get to me.

New York Mac and Pc Repair Technician

133-25 125 St.
South Ozone Park, NY 11420-3201
  • Business Hours: 9am-6pm Mon-Thu
  • Business Hours: 10am-2pm Sun
  • Business Hours: 9am-3pm Fri
  • Telephone: 718 219 9733
  • E-mail:

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