Digital Music Services NYC

Turn your desktop pc, laptop, Mac or phone into a Digital Music Machine!

The age of “Digital” or computerized music is here and will be the future, there’s no stopping it. There are many advantages to digital music, don’t get scared when you hear words like “mp3′s” and “digital” e.t.c, repetition makes everything as easy as 1, 2, 3 so it gets very easy after a short while.

I can simplify everything relating to it for you in a very easy to understand and friendly manner so you will never be intimidated to deal with it on your own and of course I will always be here if you should need any help with anything in the future as I never abandon anyone. I have been involved with music for over 45 years now so I am very experienced with both old school “analog” music equipment and today’s modern digital equipment.

I can backup or transfer Data or music between any device “CD, hard drive, chip, sd card, flash drive”.

Whether you are a DJ, business or a regular music lover needing to have:

*A great computer music system for live playing.

*A great “Automated” Computer music system which will play the music for you.

*A great computer music setup for personal enjoyment.

*A great computer music setup for Entertaining your guests.

*Help troubleshooting problems with your music equipment or setup.

*Help designing or setting up your dream music system.

*Help with transferring music from one device to another.

*Help with transferring music from CD’s to computer.

For Home Entertaining or Personal Use:

You can have an Automated Music system for Home Entertaining or relaxing so your music system will play back your fav music for you. Imagine yourself just relaxing inside your home or outside in your yard or wherever you are and have your phone or computer playing music for you the way you want to have it played back, would be just having your own live DJ listening to your instructions.

I can install a music software which is half DJ and half Radio Station software. You can simply choose from your favorite playlists and set it to play, the software will play every tune with “perfect crossfades”, meaning no gaps in between the tunes just like listening to a radio station. This software also uses a compressor limiter to balance all frequencies and normalize the volume of all tunes so no need to for you to keep having to adjust volumes due to some tunes playing louder or softer than another.

If you want to get fancy, I can also set the software to play a mixture of different genres. For example, if you want to listen to 4 pop tunes followed by 5 rock followed by 3 reggae followed by 3 slow tunes followed by 5 dance tunes and so on and so on, you get the picture. I can set the software to do this for with any combination of genres and any number of tunes in each genre in your library.

At any time while the music is being played back for you, you can step in and simply start typing the name of any tune and it will show up and you can either “play it now” or “set it as next”, imagine a friend coming up to you saying he/she wishes to hear any specific tune and you can simply pull up and play that tune right away, cool huh?


Very cool Touchscreen Jukebox system just like in a bar:

I can create a “touchcreen” digital Jukebox for you to impress your friends and your friends can play their own music just like in a Bar with a Jukebox. Sometimes having to play music for everyone while entertaining can be a pain so why not have a system where anyone can simply play their favorite tunes themselves? All you need is a touchscreen pc and I can set up a wide range of “Greatest Hits” Albums collection from the best Artists of all time and also Billboard’s Top 100 of every year from the 1940s to present.

I can also setup a large “video music collection” of some of the most popular music videos of all time if watching videos is something you like!


For the Home or Commercial DJ:

Or if you wish to DJ, I can advise or set you up with everything you will need. If you want an old school “analog” type system I can design and setup for you. If you want a new modern digital system then I can set you up with a modern “digital mp3 controller” and show you how to use it. If you already own the equipment and simply need a great music collection, I can provide that for you straight from a record pool so YOU will legally own the music.


For Pubs or Restaurants e.t.c:

So you’re a Pub or Restaurant owner and while these days some tend to use any of the digital “radio” services like Pandora, Spotify e.t.c which is fine but if you have a bar the purpose is to have people stay and spend, not so? If you have a resident DJ, what happens during the days and times the DJ is not there? Answer, to have a great automated music system in place to keep your customers happy and spending without yourself having to do much work except to change between your preferred playlists whenever you feel like it which takes only some seconds.


I can do everything mentioned on this page by setting up a GREAT music system on your computer whether it’s a desktop PC, laptop, Mac or mobile phone, does not matter. Or if you prefer to use CD’s, I can set you up with a great system.

If you don’t have a great music collection of your own, I can help you find most genres of LEGAL MUSIC from the 40’s to today by purchasing them from legit authorized online sources so you simply need to advise me of your preferred music tastes. I am into Pop, Rock, R&B, Disco, Soul, Freestyle, Rap, House, Hip Hop, Trance, Soca, Reggae, Reggaeton, Latin, Chutney e.t.c. genres, I specialize in “Classic” [Oldies] collections.

Now I do fully understand that “cost” is an issue for most folks. I can assure you that I can provide whatever you want at a very reasonable cost and will work within your budget to try to get you exactly what YOU want. I may also accept any spare equipment you may have lying around as trade for my services so feel free to ask!

Please note that I don’t need to make money off of you to help you, music is one of my main passions I was born with so even if I can’t provide any services for you and you should simply need advice on something, whatever your music needs, feel free to email, call or text me at 718-219-9733 with any questions at all, thanks.

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