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If you’re looking for Apple Mac computer repair in New York City, among my other services I also perform Mac operating system installation or repair. Reloading or upgrading the OSX or troubleshooting and fixing software issues such as virus repair or internet problems. Whether you should need imac repair or Apple macbook repair, I will be glad to help.

Apple Mac OSX repair or reinstall in NYC for only $60?

I perform mac operating system reload or repair on macbook pro, macbook air and imacs in south ozone park, queens, NY 11420 area but also have customers from Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and Long Island.

I also install windows on mac using either Parallel or Boot Camp utilities. Should you need help with all Mac operating systems [Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, El Capitan, Yosemite, Sierra, High Sierra and the latest OSX Mojave] I can get it done for you.

Aside from mac getting viruses, even though all Apple products are considered “high end” and are built with quality hardware materials and great softwares, they can and do develop problems. A lot of the times Macs have “freezing” issues or complain about their Mac running slow, losing wifi connections, becoming unresponsive.

Also apps can get frozen, lots of stuff can happen to the quality machines too. Macbook Pro repair is a very sought after service these days with owners mainly seeking help to install the latest mac operating system which is “Sierra”.

One of the biggest selling points of the Mac (and most other Apple products) is that ‘it just works’ and users generally won’t find themselves spending hours updating drivers and troubleshooting issues. However, what should you do when something on your Mac does go wrong? Fortunately for users, OS X has a number of tools built-in to help diagnose and fix many problems but not everyone knows how to use those tools so this where an experienced tech comes in.

One thing to note is that Mac repair in general is VERY expensive, that’s what you get when dealing with expensive equipment, costly to purchase therefore costly to repair. You buy a new Mac from Apple. It works alright but after roughly 1.5 years it starts to get into trouble booting up. More often than not you push the power button in the morning but the Mac wont boot up. You search the web for infos on the problem and scarcely find something useful.

After unplugging the power cord from the Mac, waiting for 30 minutes, holding the power button for six seconds (to reset something of unknown nature inside the Mac) it might boot again … for now. This goes on for about one or two months, sometimes the Mac boots rights away, but more often it doesn’t boot, not even after unplugging and waiting for 30 minutes five times.

Because macs are an intricate piece of machinery, it requires specific skills to troubleshoot and repair which is why it is best to take to a tech or shop who has experience in dealing with these machines. The latest mac OSX is “Sierra”, if you have an Apple ID you will be able to upgrade to it but depending on if your machine meets the minimum requirements for it, you can check the internet for that info here or you can call me.

Please keep in mind however, if your mac does not meet the Sierra minimum requirements and you will need to reload whatever OSX is on your machine then you can still contact me and I will reload whatever operating system you currently have or what your existing OSX can be upgraded to. Either way, rest easy that you will be in good hands as my testimonials will show you, please feel free to ask any questions, thanks.

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